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IMPATT Injection-Locked Amplifiers


  • High output power
  • CW and Pulse millimeter-wave application
  • Current regulator included for reliable operation


  • Instrumentation
  • Communication systems
  • Radars


ELVA-1 injection-locked IMPATT Amplifiers IILA series are intended for high power amplification of CW and Pulse mm-wave signals. They are offered in the frequency range of 26-150 GHz in five wave-guide sizes. They can operate from power level as low as 2-3 mW, which can be obtained directly from Up Converter or Frequency Multiplier. When Amplifier is injection-locked, FM noise of the output is the same as the injection signal. In the absence of an in-band input signal of sufficient power to attain injection-lock, there is a free running output signal.

The amplifiers are provided with integral circulators and DC voltage regulator. An optional heater is available for better temperature stability. To achieve higher gain, broader locking bandwidth and higher output, multi-stage and multi-diode configurations are also available.

How to Order

Specify Model Number IILA-XX-MAABCC/F

XX waveguide band (WR-Number)

M operating mode
        P pulse, C CW

AA output power option (output power in dBm)
       23 23dBm(200mW)

B injection-locking bandwidth option (bandwidth in hundreds of MHz)
       2 200MHz
       5 500 MHz

CC input power option (input power in dBm)
       05 5dBm
       10 10dBm

Note: Specified parameters will be maintained for input injection power variations 2dB around this nominal input power level

F center operating frequency

Example: To order amplifier meets the following specification: CW mode, in WR-06 waveguide band at 135 GHz center frequency, 100 mW output power in 300 MHz locking band with +6dBm input power, should be ordered as IILA-06-C20306/135

Delivery time 6-8 weeks for all models.

All ELVA-1 Injection Lock Amplifiers are warranted for one year after receipt.

See also: CERTIFICATE on W-band Injection locked Amplifier, Model No.: IILA-10/94/200
(PDF 110K)